Our mission

The gourmets and curious among us know that there is a wide array of wonderful products and chefs out there, just waiting to be discovered. We understand how intimidating it is to learn about the high gastronomy and focus on what matters, so we want to help gourmets and  curious in learning from the most representative experiences proposed by local producers and chefs alike, during gastronomic adventures.

We help gourmets learn and uncover hidden gems in the company of passionate brimming with knowledge. 

With the click of a button, select your destinations, and travel in style to indulge in gastronomic adventures to visit producers and chefs.

Through these adventures, not only will you be able to savor fantastic dishes, taste amazing products and wines but also learn about the history, culture and people behind  local flavors.

Thegastronomie is a family project. Celine is evangelizing french gastronomy whenever she is not cooking and Vincent is working on the website.

We wish you fantastic adventures ! Please get in touch for any question : vincent@thegastronomie.com +44 7403767767

Vous fournir des produits de qualité

A new way to learn gastronomy

Searching by profession or by people, filtering by region or city, over a day or multiple days and if available, adding and accommodation to stay over at your host.

Vous fournir des produits de qualité

Meet passionate people

Adventures are leading us to meet with professionals  whom may have been awarded at the highest level of the French Gastronomy. They all have a deep passion for their craft and a commitment to educate others and safeguard their heritage.

Vous fournir des produits de qualité

Exceptional Adventures

It is our ambition to promote exceptional adventures to give guests an opening in bonding and sharing passion during a distinguished encounter and to live an extraordinary moment.

Vous fournir des produits de qualité

360 Degrees Immersion

Our aim is to offer a way for you  to learn gastronomie from production to tasting , so that you feel comfortable to select your products at the right time, create and organize your own gastronomic adventures for your family and guests.